Chassis Testing of systems and components

The increasing requirements to lightweight construction and cost savings in the process chain result in continuously growing requirements to operational stability.We are your competent partner in the area of operational stability-chassis, and we will find a solution for every testing requirement together with our customers.

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Scope of performance

Vehicle measuring / load data determinations:

  • Preparation of a measuring point diagram
  • Equipment of measuring vehicles, application of measuring technology, sensor systems, strain gauges
  • Development, design and manufacturing of adaptations
  • Measuring runs
  • Test signal determination and evaluation
  • Preparation of measuring data
  • Damage comparison
  • Derivation of collective load


Operational stability of chassis components:

  • Break, buckling load and deformation tests
  • Operating load simulation tests (one channel or multi-channel), block program, endurance tests
  • Operational stability tests under environmental conditions (temperature/humidity, corrosive media)
  • Shaker tests under climatic conditions
  • Several special test benches (splash water test, wear test for chassis articulations)
  • Acoustic and vibration measuring (further information)
  • System test (further information)


Test extent

Typical test extents:

  • Chassis structures, front and rear suspension sub-frames, auxiliary frames
  • Front knuckle, rear knuckle, chassis arms, suspension package
  • Stabilisers
  • Steering systems, steering gear
  • Screwed connections
  • Aggregate suspensions (engine carrier, transmission support, transmission crossbeam)
  • Car jack
  • Motorcycle structures
  • Overall vehicles (vehicle measuring / load data determinations)

Test standards

Typical test standards:

  • Specifications and guidelines of the ordering parties (OEMs, suppliers)
  • Component design data sheets (BAB)
  • Quality Regulations (QV) and testing guidelines (PV) of ordering parties
  • Specification indications
  • Statistic evaluation according to QV 97055