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Vehicle development Visionary realists. What drives us forward: The passion for maximum performance.

The company FES/AES is developing in a dynamic and challenging market environment. The car, and even mobility itself, is going through a deep transformation. As developer of vehicle components and overall vehicles, we are a part of this transformation.

As regional world explorers, we maintain our roots in the automotive region of Western Saxony, setting new trends at the same time. So we rise to future challenges and the growing quality and innovation expectations of our customers.

This dynamic development is based on the constant capability and the technical know-how of our highly qualified employees. Inquisitive all-rounders, engineering the future of the automobile with the greatest passion.


Complex processes Our competence: Vehicle development as overall process.

As an engineering partner, we offer you – apart from our specialist development teams – all advantages of our cross-process overall vehicle competence, for a targeted implementation of your ideas

We bundle the complete bandwidth of development competence, from concept development via prototype construction and the subsequent trials up to the technical documentation.

We connect what will move you.

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We are your competent partner for development


From planning via concept and draft phase up to final elaboration. The company  FES/AES covers all development areas: