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About us What our future stands for: The passion for innovative ideas.

As a neutral service provider, we are working completely in line with the distinction efforts of our customers. At the same time, we count on the continuous development of our departments in order to ensure constant growth and secure jobs.

A sustainable, resource-conscious and well-planned operation is our self-conception.
Out of this awareness, we develop innovative vehicle concepts and future-oriented drive technologies.

As a company of the VOLKE Group, we count among the most powerful development service providers in the automotive branch.

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Traditional revolutionaries

An important principle of our philosophy is the sustainable cooperation with students of renowned educational institutions, who gain insight into the practical development work in our company at a very early point in time.

The young engineering spirit sparked off here inspires the development process with new approaches, thus setting sustainable impulses.

There we promote and demand innovative revolutionaries who will shape the individual mobility of the future.



Business administration

Responsibility out of passion.



FES GmbH Fahrzeug-Entwicklung Sachsen 
Auto-Entwicklungsring Sachsen GmbH 
Crimmitschauer Straße 59 
08058 Zwickau

Tel.: +49 375 5660-0 
Fax: +49 375 5660-222 

The presence at the development sites of our customers is of special importance to us; therefore we have resident engineers in Ingolstadt, Wolfsburg, and Munich, who are in direct contact to our customers.


Site Ingolstadt: 
Steinheilstraße 22, 85053 Ingolstadt
Tel.: +49 841 9812407-0 

Site Munich: 
Schätzweg 7-9, 80935 Munich

Site Wolfsburg: 
Daimlerstraße 35, 38446 Wolfsburg


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