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Method development

We continuously redevelop our methods basing on our work on customer projects as well as through the cooperation with universities and institutions.

FEM structural analysis:

  • Reduction and compression of duty cycles
  • Structural analysis of welded assemblies
  • Failure behaviour of components
  • Simulation of screwed connections
  • Contacting problems


Multiple-body simulation:

  • Co-simulation of active chassis components with mechatronics
  • Influence of component compliance to driving dynamics
  • Customizing of ADAMS/Car: own templates, test rigs, dialogue boxes, macros

An example for a successful customizing of the driving simulation program ADAMS/Car is the variant for the simulation of bobsleighs with skids on ice instead of tires on asphalt, developed by us. Apart from the multiple-body simulation model of the bobsleigh with all joints, elastomers and springs of its chassis, a virtual four-column testing unit as well as macros and dialogue boxes for simulation control were developed.

The works were conducted in the scope of our cooperation with the Institute for Research and Development of Sport Equipment in Berlin.


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ADAMS Bob Mannschaft

Customized ADAMS/Car simulation model of a four-man bobsleigh